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The Makerspace provides access to a wide range of tools and resources and is host to programs and workshops related to making, DIY, and innovation. 

The idea behind makerspaces is simple: they are places where people come together to learn about technology, crafts and other kinds of making; to share knowledge and skills with others; and to apply this knowledge and skill by creating things. 

Want to play with Lego? Make a prototype of a new invention? Create a robot to help you make your bed? Your imagination is the limit.

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Introduction to Reiki

A Reiki practitioner performing Reiki on a client.


The Main Public Library will host an Introduction to Reiki workshop on Tuesday, September 8th @ 7 PM.

Sylvie Giroux (Reiki Master / Teacher) will facilitate and will use a combination of lecture, demonstration and interaction to explain the who, what, where, when and how of Reiki.


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Singing Bowl Meditation Circles

Closeup of a singing bowl in use.The legend of the singing bowl says the sound yields power for healing, balancing, cleansing of energy aura, stress relief, and physical, mental, emotional and spiritual rejuvenation.

Drop in and join us in these singing bowl meditation circles to help deepen your meditation practice.


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Upcycled Book Art

Kids ages 6+ are invited to come to the library and turn old books into new works of art. Pick which project you want to create and make it happen!

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