Climb Cuba A man rock climbing

Travel to Cuba with a group of rock climbers for a tale filled with unique challenges...and world class climbing. In this photo filled session, Allan Barr and Joe Eibl, partners at Sudbury's new climbing facility "ARC", will show you the highlights and the lowlights of this amazing and memorable trip.


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Inspiration CaféA portrait of Angie Nussey

Angie Nussey: Stay True With Yourself 

In addition to signing songs from her CD Still Hope, Angie Nussey will share insight into the creativity and inspiration used in the song writing process. Inspiration Café is an evening of music, discussion and inspiration. This event will take place after hours at the South End Library.


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Passport ClinicA hand holding a passport

The Greater Sudbury Public Library will be hosting Passport Clinics for the public. If you need to update your passport or get a new passport, come to this clinic for help with the process. It is best to come with passport photos, completed application, payments and related documentation.

The next session will be facilitate by the Office of MP Claude Gravelle:

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A Chat With Victor SawaA portrait of Victor Sawa

Meet Victor Sawa, Music Director of the Sudbury Symphony Orchestra, and experience classical music while learning about its history



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