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The Makerspace : Learn. Share. CreateLearn. Share. Create.

The Makerspace provides access to a wide range of tools and resources and is host to programs and workshops related to making, DIY, and innovation.  The idea behind makerspaces is simple: they are places where people come together to learn about technology, crafts and other kinds of making; to share knowledge and skills with others; and to apply this knowledge and skill by creating things.  Want to play with Lego? Make a prototype of a new invention? Create a robot to help you make your bed? Your imagination is the limit.

Makerspaces are collections of resources: they are spaces filled with technologies, tools and toys, including wrenches and screwdrivers to 3D printers and laser cutting machines. 

The public may access The Makerspace at GSPL in four ways: planned programming; workshops; free play; and community group times.

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The Makerspace Tools and Resources

The Makerspace provides access to a wide range of tools and resources.

*Some equipment requires special training before it can be used.

For the most part, the tools and resources found in The Makerspace carry no significant safety considerations.  However, certain pieces of equipment (including power tools, sewing machines, soldering irons, vinyl cutter) require safety training.  Users will also be required to follow safe operating procedures at all times.  Further, all users will be required to read and agree to follow The Makerspace Maker Agreement in order to ensure that all users understand and follow the established safety procedures.

Programs and Workshops

The Makerspace has a wide variety of programs and workshops planned to help you learn, share, and create.  Like other services provided by the Greater Sudbury Public Library, use of The Makerspace is free for everyone.  We strive to ensure that all programs and workshops are offered at no cost to the public.  It may be necessary to charge a nominal fee to cover the costs of certain consumables (ie. plastic for 3D printers, sewing materials, etc.) though initially we will be providing access to all equipment and resources without fees.

For a full list of current programs and workshops please see The Makerspace Programs and Workshops pages.

Have an idea for a program or workshop? Let us know and we'll add it to our idea wall--your idea might get picked when we plan the next round of programs. 


Spark DIY Club - Are you crafty?  Do you like to make stuff?  Look no further!  Join our Spark DIY Club for youth, a monthly Makerspace for teens and tweens ages 11-17.  Make what you love, share what you know, and learn something new.  Each month, a new project is introduced.  Complete projects to earn Maker Badges.  Come check out our new Makerspace, find out more about the projects and be part of the Club.

MakerLab - MakerLab is a DIY Club for adults. Through weekly meetings you'll get a chance to meet other makers in the community, share your knowledge and skill, work collaboratively on projects, and simply make cool things. Participants will have an opportunity to present their work during meetings and to discuss projects with the group. Participants will also have an opportunity to help organize guest visits, fieldtrips, and Greater Sudbury's first Mini Maker Faire. The MakerLab is planned to start in early 2015.

Calendar of Programs and Workshops


Do you have a skill or an idea that you would like to share?  Consider facilitating a workshop in our Makerspace.  Fill out an application to get started!

For more information please contact:
Marley Lauro

Emerging Technology Librarian
705-673-1155 extension 4775