Getting Started Guide

This Getting Started Guide outlines the basic steps required to prepare your computer or mobile device for reading eBooks or listening to audiobooks as well as searching and downloading books from our GSPL Anytime, Anywhere Collection.

Setting up

  1. Valid library card: an E-Account Library Card will not work. Please go to your local branch and apply for a card. Click here for Library Locations and Hours.
  2. PIN: 4-digit password: If you have an email address attached to your library card, you can apply for a PIN online . Don't have an email address? Contact your local branch to apply for a PIN and add your email address to your library account. This can be done over the phone with your library card number. Click here for Library Locations and Hours.
  3. Make sure that your device is compatible with the GSPL Anytime, Anywhere collection by reviewing OverDrive's list of compatible devices. Note: some Amazon Kindle devices are not compatible at this time.
  4. If you would like to read an eBook directly in your browser look for the “Read (In your browser)” option. Not all titles are available in the “Read” format. When you sign out a title, and look at your bookshelf in your Account, OverDrive READ titles will show an option to download or to “read in your browser.” Simply read the book in your browser, it's that simple!
  5. If you would instead like to:
    • Download Audiobooks
    • Read eBooks on your portable device using the OverDrive app
    • Transfer eBooks to your eReader

Then please follow the Device Guide for the device(s) that you would like to use. 

Using the Anytime, Anywhere Collection

  1. Log in with your library card and PIN
  2. You can search for a specific author or title or browse the collection by category. 
  3. Check out a title if it is currently available or place a hold to receive the title once it has been returned. 
  4. Download the title to your computer or mobile device or read it directly in your browser.
  5. Return the title early if possible or enjoy it for the full lending period.
  6. For more information about using the collection please read our guide to Using the GSPL Anytime, Anywhere Collection (PDF, 0.98 MB).