Device Guides

For help with your eReader please select your device from the list below. If you do not see your device listed or you are not sure which device you have please see "Other Devices".


Apple iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPadApple Devices

Apple devices include mobile devices such as the iPad and iPad Mini, the iPhone, and the iPod Touch. Also included are Apple's line of Mac computers (including the Macbook, Mac Mini, and iMac). All of these devices are compatible with the GSPL Anytime, Anywhere Collection.



Android LogoGoogle / Android Devices

Google devices include devices running Google's Android operating system. Some Android devices are produced by Google itself. Devices produced by Google include the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 tablets as well as the Nexus line of smartphones. Devices running the Android operating system are also produced by a wide range of manufacturers including tablets and smartphones from Samsung, Acer, HTC, Lenovo, LG, Sony, etc. If you are not sure if your device is an Android device look for Google's logo or the Android logo (right) on the back of the device or on the device's packaging.



Kobo eReadersKobo Devices

Kobo manufactures a wide-range of devices including both "traditional" eReaders and tablets. Instructions for accessing the GSPL Anytime, Anywhere collection vary depending on the specific Kobo device that you have. Please note that some devices manufactured by Kobo are actually classified as Android devices and you may therefore be presented with instructions for Android devices



Sony DevicesSony Devices

Sony currently produces two "traditional" eReaders: the "Wifi" model is capable of downloading eBooks directly to the device while the non-Wifi model must be connected to and synced with a computer. It is important that you identify which of these devices you have and follow the corresponding device guide below. If you have a Sony smartphone or tablet (such as the Xperia, etc.) follow the instructions for Android devices.



BlackBerry devicesBlackBerry Devices

BlackBerry devices include both tablets and smartphones produced by BlackBerry (RIM). Specific devices include the Torch and Z10 smartphones and the Playbook tablet.



Windows Devices

Windows devices include most laptop and desktop computers as well as a recent line of smartphones and tablets.



Logos for Apple, Android, Windows, and BlackBerryOther Devices

The devices listed above represent the most common eReaders available. It can sometimes be difficult to identify the type of device you have. 

Some steps that may help you identify your device include:

  • Look for logos on the device itself or on the device's packaging:
    •  An apple (1) indicates an Apple device
    • A small robot (2), usually green, indicates an Android device
    • A window (3) icon indicates a Windows device
    • A series of "D" shaped icons (4) indicates a BlackBerry device.
  • Tablets and smartphones have "app stores" through which to download apps. You can identify your device by finding out which app store you have. Open your list of installed apps and look for the following:
    • If you see an icon labelled "App Store" then you probably have an Apple device
    • If you see an icon labelled "Play Store" then you probably have an Android device
    • If you see an icon labelled "Windows Store" (or just "Store") then you probably have a Windows device
    • If you see an icon labelled "BlackBerry App World" then you probably have a BlackBerry device
  • Look for your "Settings" app and then look for a menu item labelled "About". Often this will tell you what operating system your device is running: look for "Android", "Windows", "iOS" (Apple), etc.
  • If your device is a smartphone or tablet and you are still in doubt you might try following the Android Device Guide: there are a huge of number of Android devices produced by a wide range of manufacturers and often it isn't clear that these devices are actually Android devices.

If you are still unable to identify your device please visit OverDrive's list of compatible devices. If your device is not listed it is possible that your device in incompatible with our Anytime, Anywhere collection (though you may stil be able to download eBooks from other sources).

For more information, please contact:
Marley Lauro
Emerging Technology Librarian
705-673-1155, extension 4775