terra north

What is terra north/nord?

terra north/nord is the continuation of a project conceived by Roger Nash, Greater Sudbury's first Poet Laureate. Nash's terra north/nord was a literary eZine promoting emerging and established writers with a connection to the City of Greater Sudbury. The new terra north website continues to promote Greater Sudbury's literary culture by publishing original poems written by the Poet Laureate and other established writers as well as poems submitted by budding poets and poets who have never published their writing. The website also provides an opportunity for visitors to comment on published content and engage in discussion.

Further, terra north/nord facilitates connections among Greater Sudbury's literary community by sharing news about literary events in Greater Sudbury, highlighting opportunities for writers and poetry lovers to connect.

 You can also follow the Poet laureate on Twitter at @SudburyPoet

Read the November 2017 Special Edition of terra north/nord (PDF: 704 KB) to celebrate the Sudbury Street Poetry Project.

Past Issues of the terra north eZine