Hobbies & Leisure Series

3D Printing

Closeup of a 3D printer in use.To use the 3D Printers in the Makerspace at the Main Public Library you must first attend "An Introduction to 3D Printing" workshop and then follow up with staff to book an appointment for 3D Printing Certification.

Introduction to 3D Printing Workshop

Are you interested in learning about this cutting edge technology? Sign up for our information workshop at Main Public Library to learn about different 3D printing technology, its history, and how it's being used today. Get acquainted with design process and see the printers in action!

The workshop will be offered on the following Wednesdays @ 6 PM:

  • April 5th
  • May 3rd

Register online.

3D Printing Certification

Your librarian coach will guide you through your first 3D print as you put your new-found knowledge to the test!

Limit one person per session

Register online.

A senior couple playing backgammon.

Board Game Café

The New Sudbury Public Library will host biweekly sessions of "Board Game Café" on the following Wednesdays @ 1 PM:

  • March 1st

Whether you are looking to get reacquainted with some childhood favourites or to challenge your friends to some fun and friendly competition, we have the game for you!

Register online.




Colouring Club

Adult colouring pageThe Azilda Public Library will host a weekly colouring club for adults on Thursdays from 6 PM - 8 PM.

Materials will be supplied, or you may bring your own.

Registration not required.



Logo_MakerspaceEN_90px.jpgDIY Loom & Modern Weaving

Closeup of a wall weave by Emily Franceschini.The Main Public Library will host this program in the Makerspace on Saturday, April 1st @ 12 PM.

Join us for this super hands-on workshop where you will learn both woodworking and creative handicraft skills! Harrison Lane will guide you through the steps of building your own mini loom and then you'll learn the art of modern weaving with Emily Franceschini.

All materials will be provided, but feel free to bring your own yarn for your weave!

Spots are limited. Registration is required.

Register online.

Logo_MakerspaceEN_90px.jpgDIY Self-Watering Containers

Stacked rows of self-watering potted plants.The Main Public Library will host this program in the Makerspace on Tuesday, May 18th @ 6 PM.

Join Maker-in-Residence Colleen Burns in the Makerspace and learn how to build your own self-watering containers. Learn some handy skills and bring your planter home to use in the garden!

Spots are limited.

Register online.

Logo_MakerspaceEN_90px.jpgMaker Families

Two young boys and a young girl building bird houses on a sunny day.The Main Public Library will host this program in the Makerspace on Tuesday, April 25th @ 6 PM.

Join Colleen Burns, Maker-in-Residence, for a talk on Maker Families and how to nurture creativity with play and project-based learning.

Register online.

Logo_MakerspaceEN_90px.jpgMending Day

Sewing tools including a pair of scissors, a measuring tape & thread.The Main Public Library will host this program in the Makerspace on Thursday, June 22nd @ 6 PM.

Gather up your fabric items that need mending and join Colleen Burns and a special guest star from Sew Local to learn how to make them good-as-new.

If you have a large project that requires a good chunk of mending time, please register! Otherwise, feel free to drop-in with your mendables.

Register online.

Logo_MakerspaceEN_90px.jpgPepakura Masks and Armour Cosplay

A mask made with pepakura.The Main Public Library will host this program in the Makerspace on Thursday, April 6th from 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM.

Our Maker-In-Residence, Pat Ryan will show you how to use pepakura to construct masks and armour for your cosplaying needs.

This workshop will also teach you how to use a vinyl cutter to make precise cuts and save time!

Recommended for ages 15+.

Register online.



Photography 101

Closeup of a woman using a DSLR camera.The New Sudbury Public Library will host a 4-part photography series on the following Mondays @ 6:30 PM:

  • March 13th
  • March 20th
  • March 27th
  • April 3rd

This series is an introduction to the world of photography, teaching participants the basics of DSLR / mirrorless camera photography, including camer functions (shutter speed, aperture, ISO), creative photograph techniques, artistic principles and photograph editing.

Please bring your own DLSR (or similar mirrorless SLR) camera, an SD card, and a fully-charged battery to each session.

Registrations available for 12 participants.

Register online.

Logo_MakerspaceEN_90px.jpgPodcasting Series

A microphone, a pair of headphones and a tablet.The Main Public Library will host this program in the Makerspace on the following dates @ 6 PM:

  • Tuesdays, April 18th, May 2nd, 23rd & 30th
  • Thursdays, June 15th & 29th

Colleen Burns will be in the Makerspace biweekly to create her podcast series about sustainable living in your community. Join to her to chat about urban sustainability and learn about podcast creation.

Drop-ins welcome.

Register online.

Rediscover the Sudbury Symphony Orchestra with Mélanie Léonard

Symphony orchestra on stage; violins, cello and flute performing.Join Sudbury Symphony Orchestra's new music director Mélanie Léonard for these hour-long Maestro chats at the South End Public Library on the following Wednesdays @ 6:30 PM:

  • April 26th
  • May 10th

This new series offers an evening to rediscover the local symphony orchestra.

Parents bring your kids - story time takes place at the same time!

No registration required.

Logo_MakerspaceEN_90px.jpgSeedling Workshop

Closeup of seedlings growing in containers.The Main Public Library will host this program in the Makerspace on Tuesday, April 11th @ 6 PM.

Come and learn how to start your own seedlings! At the end of the workshop, each participant will have the chance to bring home their own seedlings.

Spots are limited. Registration is required.

Register online.

A happy woman enjoying popcorn.Senior Matinee Movies

Looking for something to do? Come to the Dowling Public Library every Friday from 1 PM - 3 PM and watch great movies!

Participants choose the films from our library collection.

Register online or drop in to the library!

Sit and Stitch

A young woman knitting.Everyone is welcome to join these fun, informal knit and crochet drop-in circles at the following locations:

This is a place where crafters can get together in a relaxing atmosphere and share their interests.

All skill levels are welcome.

Sudbury Writers Monthly Open Mic

Closeup of a microphone at the front of a stage.The Main Public Library will host Sudbury Writers Monthly Open Mic, Thursday evenings @ 6:30 PM in the Reader's Lounge on the following dates in 2017:

  • April 13th
  • May 11th
  • June 8th
  • July 13th
  • August 10th
  • September 14th
  • October 12th
  • November 9th
  • December 14th

Celebrate the power of words with Sudbury writers of all ages and walks of life, at monthly evenings of stories and poetry.

Local writers and readers can share their own work or that of their favourite authors.  Those wishing to read can sign up at the event or you can just listen and enjoy!

Ontario Poetry Society logo

Logo_MakerspaceEN_90px.jpgToy Hacking: Wii Nunchuck Edition

A girl holding a Wii nunchuck.The Main Public Library will host this program in the Makerspace on Saturday, March 25th @ 1 PM.

Join our Maker-in-Residence, Pat Ryan, and create lights and sounds using a Wii Nunchuck and Arduino!

All ages are welcome! Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Familiarity with Arduino is a plus but not required.

Spots are limited so register now!

Bring a friend or family member if you're willing to share an Arduino kit!

Register online.

Logo_MakerspaceEN_90px.jpgUpcycled Cloth Napkins

A stack of colourful handmade cloth napkins.The Main Public Library will host this program in the Makerspace on Tuesday, May 9th @ 6 PM.

Maker-in-Residence, Colleen Burns, will show you how to make your own reusable napkins with upcycled fabric! Embroider your napkins to give them a personal touch.

Bring your own favourite fabric scraps or use what's available in the Makerspace.

Register online

Logo_MakerspaceEN_90px.jpgVinyl Cutting One-on-One

A woman using a vinyl cutter.The Main Public Library will offer one-on-one vinyl cutting sessions in the Makerspace.

Learn how to use the GCC Expert 24LX vinyl cutter and GreatCut 3 software to create vinyl decals for your signs, décor, clothing, and more!

Limit one person per session.

Register online.


3 glass jars filled with yogurt, berries and granola.The Main Public Library will host this program in the Makerspace on Thursday, June 8th @ 6 PM.

Homemade yogurt isn't as complicated as you think! Colleen Burns, Maker-in-Residence will show you everything you need to know about making your own yogurt and other cultured foods.

Spots are limited.

Register online.