Story Time with the GSPL

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Since you can't bring your children to the library for story time, our staff are working to bring story time to you.

The GSPL programmers are proud to bring you Virtual Story times on our Kids Facebook page. 

Enjoy English Story time on Tuesdays and French Story time on Thursdays through the Fall season. 

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GSPL : Our Digital Library

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Our programming team is working hard to bring digital content into your home. 

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to stay up to date on our digital services and resources. online storytimes, digital content highlights, and more await you as we stay connected during challenging times. 

We also offer access to an extensive online collection of resources including research databases, streaming video content, ebooks, and online audiobooks.

Take some time to explore what the library has to offer

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Library Board Virtual Meeting

The GSPL Library Board meets throughout the year to discuss issues of library policy and governance. Normally open to the public, the COVID-19 pandemic has moved the meeting space online.
Members of the community interested in virtually attending the meeting can participate through our website in the About Us section, under the Library Board and Administration tab.

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GSPL Phone Check-In Service

The hand of an elderly person being held by a hand of a younger person.
We are pleased to announce the start of the GSPL Phone Check-In Service. 

The GSPL would like to help you stay connected while physical distancing. Whether you want a phone call for book or movie recommendations, or you would just like to chat, we're here for you.

To learn more or sign-up for the service, check out our GSPL Phone Check-In Service page today.

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