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Greater Sudbury Public Library is proud to offer a wide range of bilingual services and collections which meet the information and leisure needs of all ages.

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Mission Statement

The Greater Sudbury Public Library strives to enrich the lives of individuals and the spirit of the community by providing the highest quality library service to our citizens in their quest to read, learn, educate and dream. We support all members of the community by providing equitable access to a wide variety of information sources and literature.

Vision Statement

The Greater Sudbury Public Library ...
... inspires innovation, creativity and imagination
... preserves and treasures our community's past
... promotes the pursuit of knowledge
for people of all ages and backgrounds, beginning with the very young.


Free and equitable access
Embraces cultural diversity
Responsive to the needs of the community
Welcoming environment
Inform, enrich and empower
Focus on customer service
Intellectual freedom
Privacy and confidentiality
Values partnerships
Knowledgeable staff