Mette Krüger 

CEO (interim) and Manager of Libraries and Heritage Resources

705-673-1155, extension 4769

Rick Clouthier

Manager of Citizen Service Centres

Laura Lavigne

Acting Coordinator of Public Services
705-673-1155, extension 4767

Mary Searle
Coordinator of Library Collections
705-673-1155, extension 4782
Pierre Dubuc
Coordinator of Outreach, Programs, and Partnerships
705-673-1155, extension 4754

Rebecca McArthur

Community Librarian
New Sudbury and South End Libraries
705-688-3952, extension 4930

Ginette Mallette

Capreol and Valley East Libraries
705-688-3961, extension 4724

Jessica Watts

Coniston, Copper Cliff, Garson and Lively Libraries
705-688-3959, extension 4722

Lise Paquette-Lalonde

Azilda, Chelmsford, Dowling and Levack - Onaping Libraries
705-688-3963, extension 4723