Programs to Donate To

Battle of the Books

Help support the growing number of school children who participate in the Library's annual Battle of the Books.

Bridges to Learning

Your support can make a difference in a young person's life. Bridges to Learning provides much needed support to primary and secondary school aged children with learning disabilities. Working in cooperation with the Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario, Sudbury Chapter, the Rainbow District School Board and Cambrian College, the library provides much needed learning assistive technology and supporting resources within the library environment. Help us help kids get the education they deserve.

HomeBound Services

Making a donation in support of our homebound services will enable us to purchase more materials used by our HomeBound clients, such as large print books and audio books.

Library Collections

Your donation toward the library's collections will help us broaden our collections for the betterment of the community. You can make a donation in support of our general collections, for a library branch, or a specified area within the collection.

Read to Grow

This school preparedness program is aimed at parents of young children to help them learn new and interesting ways to foster the reading habit in the very young. Help us support young parents who wish to make a difference in the lives of their children.

Summer Reading Club

The summer is a perfect time for kids to read simply for the fun of it. The Summer Reading Club offers a variety of interesting and exciting activities to get children reading during the summer months.