Equipment and Resources

The Makerspace provides access to a wide range of tools and resources for a variety of crafts and hobbies, including:

3D Printing

Hardware: FlashForge Dreamer and FlashForge Finder.

Software: We use FlashPrint to send print jobs to the 3D printer. Compatible files are .STL and .OBJ. For designing, our computers are loaded with Sketchup and TinkerCAD. We also use a free ios app called AUTODESK 123D. Patrons can download files from a website with a collection of designs that are free to download and print, or you can also upload your own designs. .

Certification: In order to use the 3D Printers we ask that you take our 3D Printing 101: An Introduction, and 3D Printing 102: Certification, both offered regularly.

3D Scanning

Hardware: Matter and Form 3D Scanner, Xbox Kinect, Structure Sensor

Software: We use Matter and Form Scan when scanning with the Matter and Form Scanner. To Scan with the Xbox Kinect and to edit scans we use Skanect.

Workshops: No special training is needed to use the 3D scanners, but you can learn more about them in the Introduction to 3D Printing workshop.


Hardware: Arduino, Raspeberry Pi, Makey Makey and Squishy Circuits

Software: Computers in the Makerspace are loaded with software needed to 'hack' ardunio's and Raspberry Pi's. The Makey Makey is compatible with all computers in The Makerspace.

Workshops: Electronics are used often during programs and outreach.


Hardware: 4 Janome Sewing Machines, 1 Janome Serger

Notions: A variety of tools to help you get started are available including: a tape measure, scissors, needles, iron, ironing board, pins, seam ripper and cutting mats. There is also a variety of donated fabric and patterns available for use.

The Green Screen

Hardware: Green Screen, GoPro, Softbox Lighting

Software: To edit movies iMovie is loaded on two of the computers in The Makerspace. To create green screen images and videos we use the ios app by Do Ink.

Workshops: No special training is needed to use the green screen. These tools are used often in our programs for youth.


Hardware: A variety of tools are available for in-house use including, drill bits, sanding block, wood saw, steel cutters, chisel sets, heat gun, soldering iron and a drill. Patrons are required to take appropriate safety precautions when using tools goggles, gloves and dust masks are available.

Workshops: Tools are also used at our programs, no additional training is needed to use the tools in The Makerspace.

Please note that soldering irons, the heat gun and drills are not to be used outside of library programs.

Vinyl Cutting

Hardware: GCC Expert 24 vinyl cutter

Software: We use Inkscape to create images and edit images from the web and coral draw to send images to the cutter. 

Workshops: One-on-One Vinyl Cutting sessions are offered on a weekly basis.

Cost: Each participant will receive one 6x6 vinyl cut for free.