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Greater Sudbury Memories

Historical images of SudburyThe Great Sudbury Public Library, in partnership with the Greater Sudbury Heritage Museum, is creating a storehouse for Greater Sudbury's memories, an online project designed to bring the memories of Sudbury together, to share and preserve for generations to come.

Together, the Library and Museums are building a map of the Sudbury area populated with audio and video interviews that reflect times past, allowing the public to interact with real stories of life in our community.

Visit the Greater Sudbury Memories website.

How does it work?

If you have a story to tell, contact Local History and Archival Librarian, Kristen Bertrand at the Greater Sudbury Public Library and she will be happy to discuss the program with you.

Interview sessions are not intended to exceed an hour in length.

Participants are encouraged to bring photos, letters, postcards, or other memorabilia to the session that provide context to the story.

Library staff reserves the right to post the interview in whole or in part in consultation with the participants.

What kinds of stories does it have?

Greater Sudbury Memories captures stories, large or small, that reflect the diverse nature of our community, culture, and history highlighting influences and events of individuals, local organizations, business and industry that have shaped the city of Sudbury and its people.

What will happen to the stories?

The stories will be posted online and be connected to a map of Greater Sudbury ( The original recordings will be kept in storage at the Library.

For more information please contact:
Kristen Bertrand
Local History & Archival Librarian
705-673-1155 extension 4780