In order to make our libraries more accessible for all patrons, we aim to offer various technology and equipment to improve access to resources in our collection.

DAISY Audio Books

DAISY audio books allow you to read an audio book the same way you would read a print book. You can read a book from start to finish by just pressing play, or you also can skip from section to section, use bookmarks and look things up in the index. A specialized player such as the VICTOR Reader is required to play DAISY audiobooks (see the next section for more information).

To order DAISY audiobooks:
  • You must have a valid Greater Sudbury Public Library card. If you don't have a valid Greater Sudbury Public Library card find out how you can get one.
  • Register for a CELA membership at your local library with a staff member using your Greater Sudbury Public Library Card.
  • Once approved, you can order the Daisy audio books from CELA. These audio books are sent from CELA directly to your home address within a few days. CELA also provides the option to download DAISY disks through the internet.

Victor Readers

Victor Readers are required to play specialized audio formats such as DAISY audio books. The Greater Sudbury Public Library has several Victor Readers that can be borrowed for a period of three weeks in order to try the device. We also offer several collections of DAISY audio books that can be borrowed with the Victor Reader machines. Each collection represents a different genre and current genres include romance, western, mystery, non-fiction, and general fiction.

To borrow a Victor Reader or a DAISY audio book collection:
  • You must have a valid Greater Sudbury Public Library card. If you don't have a valid Greater Sudbury Public Library card find out how you can get one.
  • Place a hold through our online catalogue for a Victor Reader and/or a sample DAISY audio book. Alternatively, we can assist you with placing holds on these items if you contact your local library branch.
  • Once a hold has been placed and the item is available for borrowing you will need to visit your nearest branch to pick it up.
There are subsidies available to purchase Victor Readers through the Ministry of Health & Long Term Care Assistive Devices Program. If you would like to purchase your own Victor Reader complete the online application for the Assistive Devices Program.

Display Print Magnifier set up at a table.Display Print Magnifier

The ClearView+ magnifies and enhances text, objects, and images in different colours, brightness, and contrast.

The quality reading table allows users to move text and objects smoothly beneath the camera and integrates a user friendly control panel. The monitor can be adjusted to minimize glare and reflections as well as to ensure a more comfortable reading posture.

Currently available in the Reference Level at the Main Library.

Accesible Workstation

Accessible Workstation

The Main Library has an accessible computer workstation. We have outfitted this workstation with a large print keyboard, oversized touchscreen monitor, an ergonomically designed trackball mouse, and an easy-to-use magnification and screen reading program called Zoomtext.

Other Equipment

Several of our branches also contain magnifying glasses for reading assistance, and walkers for assistance in the physical library space.