Assistive Services

The Greater Sudbury Public Library responds to the diverse needs of our patrons with special services and adaptive technologies that help support services to persons with disabilities, homebound individuals and older adults.

Homebound Service

Homebound is a free and convenient service that supplies library materials to people who are unable to come into the library.

This service is available for all ages and is provided free. Long term, short term and seasonal services are available.

Learn more about our homebound service.

Assistive Materials

The Greater Sudbury Public Library has partnered with CELA to provide alternative format books and other resources for individuals who have difficulty reading print due to a visual, physical or learning disability.

Through this program individuals with a Greater Sudbury Public Library card can order DAISY audio books from CELA. We also have several Victor Readers available for our patrons to borrow.

Learn more about our assistive materials.