Meter Lending Program

The City of Greater Sudbury is encouraging residents to think green, take action and save energy. 

In an effort to help residents reduce their energy usage, the City of Greater Sudbury is launching a new library loan program of Kill-a-Watt Meters, an energy monitoring device.

This device, which is available through branches of the Greater Sudbury Public Library, will help citizens reduce the amount of electricity they use, without dramatically altering day-to-day living.

How Does It Work?

Kill-a-Watt Meters allow citizens to plug in individual appliances and calculate the amount of electricity being used during a specific time period.  The meters will help residents make informed decisions about appliances and products used throughout the home.

For example, an individual could use this device to calculate the cost of running an old, second refrigerator in the basement.

Tests in Ontario and elsewhere have proven that householders who use real-time feedback can reduce electricity use by as much as five to 20 per cent.

How Can I Borrow One?

All branches of the Greater Sudbury Public Library will have at least one Kill-a-Watt Meter available for lending to the public on a first-come, first-serve basis.


  • may be borrowed for a three week period
  • cannot be renewed
  • cannot be reserved
  • must be returned to the circulation desk of the same library branch from which it was borrowed.

For more information about the Kill-a-Watt Meter or the Efficient Sudbury campaign, please call 671-CITY, or visit .